In the event of a medical emergency requiring Paramedics or Emergency Vehicles, the physical address for Camp Pine Woods is:

 1390 Old Forge Road, Annville, PA  17003


  •  From Palmyra on Route 422 – at the East end of town, travel North on Forge Road (at Klick-Lewis).
  • Cross over railroad tracks, continue due north up the steep hill.
  • At the top of the hill the road bears sharply to the right.
  • Continue a short distance until you come to a Y in the road.  Take the road to the left at this Y (stay on Old Forge Road).
  • Approximately 1/4 mile later you’ll come upon a sharp 90-degree turn to the left.  Take this sharp left turn
  • 3/10’s of mile later (past four houses) look for the sign on an electric pole on the right, “Camp Pine Woods.”  Turn right (the building is at the end of this lane.)