How do I find the church?
If you’re standing in downtown Palmyra, look up, find the highest steeple and walk toward it.  What? You need more exacting directions? Click here for directions.

Where should I park?
Our directions will bring you to Palmyra Church of  the Brethren by way of Chestnut Street. There is ample parking in separate lots on the north and south side of the church.

Which entrance should I use?
Please enter the church on Sunday mornings from the Chestnut St. entrance.  Ushers will be available at the door to help you find your way.  An elevator may also be accessed from this entrance. On weekdays, use the office entrance at the rear of the church. Click here for floor plan.

Will there be coffee?
Complimentary coffee, tea, juice, milk and breakfast snacks will be available each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall, right below the Sanctuary at 10 a.m.  If the person in charge of snack time on that particular Sunday is a morning person, coffee might actually be ready earlier.

What’s worship like?
Click here to learn about our worship options.

May I wear shorts?
When temperatures hit 70 degrees, you’ll find at least one kindred spirit in shorts. There is a full range of attire to be found on any given Sunday morning.  If casual is your preferred style, you will blend right in.  But if you want to “dress up,” you won’t be the only one.

Is your worship service ready for my kids???
The short answer is YES!!! Click here to discover the numerous ways we have prepared to help your children feel “at home.”

Who takes communion?
Church of the Brethren as a denomination is considered “low church.” That is, the bread and cup are considered mere symbols. Because we are all considered the “Body of Christ,” anyone who is old enough to understand what this means is welcome to share the communion elements with us. Communion is offered twice a year and at Love Feast, which includes communion, an agape meal, time of personal reflection and foot washing is offered.

Must I be a member to take part in the  church?
Our emphasis is the faith journey that we share, not membership. No force in religion has always been a Church of the Brethren perspective. One of our  Sunday School teachers taught for two years before becoming a member. Others continue to sojourn with us long term without becoming members, yet engage fully in our congregational life.

Who can I contact to ask a question?
The church office is open Monday -Friday,  8:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.  Call 717-838-6369 and Gail will likely answer the phone. On Sunday morning, someone is always available with a smile, hand shake and a willing ear!