Our Beliefs
For over 300 years the Brethren have resisted making creedal statements, claiming “We have no creed but the New Testament.”  Our simple desire to be about the work of Jesus in our community and in our world – to be his hands and feet to our neighbors near and far.  A wooden plaque attached to the inside of our pulpit reminds the preacher “We would see Jesus.”  It is our hope that others would discover the way of Christ through the way we treat others.

Our Practices
Our commitment to Christ and our understanding of faith is deepened when we engage in specific practices that the New Testament commands.  We call these practices “ordinances” or “means of grace,” believing that grace is both extended and received as we engage in these actions with one another.  They include baptism, love feast and communion, anointing, and the laying on of hands for prayer.  We also strive to practice the spiritual disciplines of simplicity, humility, forgiveness, non-violence and forbearance.

Our Mission
The mission of the Palmyra Church of the Brethren is to invite, welcome, nurture, disciple, equip, empower and inspire all persons to live and to serve in the way of Jesus.

Our Core Values

  • Brethren Heritage – We value our Brethren heritage and the teachings of Jesus that help us to define ourselves and model a peaceful lifestyle in today’s world.
  • Community – We value relationships, supporting one another through prayer, caring actions and friendships.
  • Discernment – We value thoughtful and prayerful self-examination as we seek to discern God’s will in our lives as individuals and as a congregation.
  • Education – We value education, providing a wide variety of learning opportunities to broaden our understanding of faith and spiritual growth.
  • Resources – We value joyful stewardship of our resources of time, talent, finances and assets to support the work of Christ’s kingdom.
  • Service – We value service to others to provide compassion, share our talents, and demonstrate Christ’s love.
  • Worship – We value coming together for worship and fellowship as we celebrate and praise God through the ministries of music, message, scripture and artistic expression.